Leadership Matters 2021
Digital Learning

Blended digital leadership journeys have been around for years, but the range of options available to create a truly blended journey has expanded. The ability to uniquely bring together the technology, human connection, and leadership development content and customize it to your company’s unique values and strategies will help you develop leaders who achieve results today for a successful tomorrow.

In this issue of Leadership Matters, learn how digital learning can help your leaders learn the tools and skills they need to take your organization to the next level.

Leadership Accelearation


Leadership Acceleration: A Digital Learning Journey for Experienced Leaders

Through Leadership Acceleration, leaders gain insight into how competence and connection are essential components of strong leadership, and how both are required to motivate and engage teams—and drive business results.

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Blend It Like You Mean It


Blend It Like You Mean It

The challenge of moving to a digital learning approach for leadership development for many is the concern about keeping human connection alive. The key is in finding a strategic way to bring different elements of learning together while simultaneously engaging and exciting the learner.

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Hiring for Fit


Hiring for Fit

When employers talk about someone not being a “good fit” for a job, could it actually be code for biased hiring? Listen as we share advice for inclusive hiring practices and what’s at stake for companies when diversity is not a priority.

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Filtering Through the Noise


Filtering Through the Noise: Which Technologies Are Right for Your Learners?

Explore the technologies that make up a strong learning ecosystem and how it helped one client identify a gamification platform that met their needs.

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