Performance Matters 2021
Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

We are in the age of digital transformation and big data, yet most organizations struggle to collect, organize, and analyze information effectively. Measuring the impact of learning and development programs, change management projects, technology adoption, and strategic initiatives is critical to a company’s agility and decision-making. This issue highlights lessons learned from our work with global companies and decades of experience measuring the impact of transformation, learning, and performance improvement interventions.

3 Myths to Learning Measurement


3 Myths About Learning Measurement

90% of learning leaders want to measure business impact yet only 26% believe they have the ability to do it. What if much of what you believe about measurement and the obstacles in your way isn’t true?

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Measurement Podcast 61


Measurement: Learning’s Secret Weapon for Driving Business Alignment

There is huge pressure on L&D organizations to measure the business impact of their learning solutions, but most don’t know how or where to even begin.

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3 Myths to Learning Measurement


6 Tips to Get Your Measurement Mojo Back

Revisiting your measurement strategy after a long pause can feel daunting, but stick to these 6 fundamentals to re-engage your employees and make the most of your data.

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Measurement Podcast 61


Measuring Learning ROI: Measurement of Design

Most organizations rarely move beyond tracking satisfaction, attendance, and assessment scores but does this really help you measure ROI? Does this help you truly assess if the learning intervention is hitting the mark or if improvements are needed?

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3 Myths to Learning Measurement


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