Unleash the Power of Human+AI

AI is helping to improve administrative processes, reduce design and development times, and more. But AI’s effectiveness depends on quality data and thoughtful integration.
In this issue of the Performance Matters newsletter, we explore how forward-thinking organizations are harnessing AI to drive productivity, foster skill development, and create seamless connections across learning and development (L&D) ecosystems. From empowering individual employees to optimizing L&D systems and content libraries, we’re on a quest to unlock the full synergy of Human+AI.

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The Learning Leader’s Human+AI Handbook: Learning Innovation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Explore learning trends for 2024 and gain insights into how learning and development (L&D) leaders can successfully adapt to disruptions like AI by fundamentally understanding our work, organizations, and goals.

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Unleash the Power of Human+AI

The GP Client Forum was two days full of presentations and workshops on how HR and L&D leaders are using AI to improve individual employee productivity and connecting and optimizing learning data at scale. Learn about the four takeaways we identified for AI in L&D.

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Transformative AI in L&D

Learn how AI can go beyond basic tasks and contribute to more strategic goals, personalize learning experiences, and more.

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5 AI Tools to Help the Learning Experience

New AI technologies are emerging every day. Learn about five tools to help improve learning design and development.

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